Puddleglum's Foot

C.S. Lewis Society of Madison

Lewis and America

| August 21, 2012

What are we to make of the status of C.S.L in America? So many Christian men and women idolize him. ‘(IDOL-ize him.) His ability to argue seriously or savagely mock the secular world (i.e. see Weston in OSP and Perelandra) is admired and well known. His terror of the “collective” gives hope for many who [...]

Why Puddleglum’s foot

| March 20, 2011

  Puddleglum is the melancholic of dry wit who is one of the adventurers in the search of Prince Rilian in Book 4 of the Narnia Chronicles. Most of you reading this know that. It is Puddleglum who literally snuffs out the terrible false materialism and relativism  of the Green Witch, who wishes Jill, Eustace, [...]