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Puddleglum's Foot is the official blog for the C.S. Lewis Society of Madison Wisconsin. This site helps fulfill part of our mission to establish and maintain contact with others throughout the world who share our active interest in C.S. Lewis. Please note: No postings will be approved that include links to other websites unless you are a member of our Society. If you live in or near Madison, Wisconsin and would like to learn more about our Society, please visit our website at www.cslewismadison.org

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Lewis and America

Posted By on August 21, 2012

What are we to make of the status of C.S.L in America? So many Christian men and women idolize him. ‘(IDOL-ize him.) His ability to argue seriously or savagely mock the secular world (i.e. see Weston in OSP and Perelandra) is admired and well known.
His terror of the “collective” gives hope for many who wish for a small government. I would argue CSL did not like “giantism” in any institutional form.
And here’s the rub.
Should not an American admirer of CSL be wary of giant military-industrial complexes? Should not he or she view multinational corporations (persons?) with a jaundiced eye?

Why Puddleglum’s foot

Posted By on March 20, 2011

Just when they are about to succumb to her deceptive words, Puddleglum bravely stamps on the magic fire with his bare foot and breaks the enchantment.


Puddleglum is the melancholic of dry wit who is one of the adventurers in the search of Prince Rilian in Book 4 of the Narnia Chronicles. Most of you reading this know that.

It is Puddleglum who literally snuffs out the terrible false materialism and relativism  of the Green Witch, who wishes Jill, Eustace, Rilian and himself to believe, through the enchantment of the green fire, that Narnia, Aslan, and even the Sun itself does not exist.

I choose to name my blog, Puddleglum’s Foot, because the debate between those who present the materialistic argument, and those who defend the metaphysical and the Supernatural rages on. Increasingly, if not always, it is not a conversation, but a war of words. It began long before C. S. Lewis and will continue, I’m sure, long after the popularity of his work wanes. (But, may the oeuvre of CSL stride through the ages.)

I am on the side of the Metaphysical and the Spiritual and will argue through the Internet that the Cosmos is a large place of the seen and the unseen.

James Knight, President. C. S. Lewis Society of Madison, WI